Our Sponsors

RBC's sponsors make what we do possible - they help us defray costs, provide advice, guidance and generally support YOU - our Members and Members we don't know yet.  Please support them as they support us, you'll be glad you did!

Patsos Law


Chris Patsos has been a sponsor of RBC for several years and has always provided compassionate service and guidance in all areas of the law. No matter your issue, Chris can help! Just see what others are saying:

"Chris was my "rock" after a bicycle accident with a commercial van left me with injuries requiring surgery and a long rehabilitation. He is thorough, responsive, and genuinely caring. Initially, I was reluctant to pursue my case. He promised to handle most everything. And he did. His persistence paid off. In the end, my settlement… Read more"The Right Choice"
M. Chinnici

Westwood Cycle


We Live, Breathe & Eat Bikes

For over 70 years, cyclists, friends, and family have trusted Westwood Cycle for all of their cycling needs. With more than 500 bicycles in stock for children and adults, and more than 300 on display, we have a bicycle for everyone!

What makes our store different than other bicycle stores? Well, in one word, experience. Would you buy a camera from a person who only knows how to take pictures? Would you take cooking advice from someone who only knew how to eat? Why would you take advice from someone who only rode a bike? At Westwood Cycle, we LIVE bikes. We BREATHE bikes. We EAT bikes (well, maybe not).

We know the benefits of cycling and how it can relieve stress, increase your health, and improve your life. Some of us ride over 7,000 miles a year AND still have full time jobs. It's this kind of commitment that benefits you.


The 1840 Tavern

The 1840 Tavern isn't just a tavern, it's our after-ride hangout! Situated right along a major biking route, The 1840 Tavern offers us a great place to relax and refuel after a hard ride.  George Washington probably stopped here on his way to Tappan.

Every other Wednesday night during the season, join us for "Ride. Refresh. Repeat." sponsored by The 1840 Tavern. This all-level ride covers 18.4 miles around Lake Deforest and then back to the Tavern's garden where we can relax and have some post ride recovery beverages and amazing food in the garden while we talk about bikes, life and just enjoy one another's company.



Since our inception, our goal was always to provide customers with unsurpassed quality.  As eating habits have changed over the past few years, society has become more health conscious.  With this new transition, we knew we needed to service our clientele in a new manner.The solution was to provide the same "comfort foods" we have all enjoyed at David's, but in combination with healthy choices.  This new vision has rejuvenated a new passion for providing more than just bagels.  The David's brand can be found throughout the New York Metro area.   And we hope that someday soon, you will see David's bagels far and wide!We always welcome your questions and comments, and we can't wait to see you!

Primavera Pizza

Proud sponsors of our season opening ride "La Primavera", Primavera Pizza (38 Lake Rd, Congers) holds a spcial place in our herarts! 

Always welcoming and full of love for us crazy cyclists, we got to know the folks there and learned that they hailed from Croatia.  In 2023, RBC rode from Venice Italy to Pula Croatia in "The Giro dell'Adriattico".  All along the trip we thought of our secod family back in Congers and brought home pictures of us sporting thier logo in front of the Colosseum in Pula.

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