Giro 2022 #3

Which Ride Category Would I Feel Comfortable Riding In?

Since nobody wants to show-up and feel like they are out of thier league, the Rockland Bicycling Club uses Ride Categories to classify rides so that interested riders have a general idea of the demands of the ride when they sign-up.  Our rides are classified primarily by speed as follows:

A  17+ mph Average Speed (AVS)

B+  16 -17mph AVS

14 -16mph AVS

C+  13 - 14mph AVS

C  11 - 13mph AVS

D  9 - 11mph AVS

All  Suitable for anyone

Of course, speed isn't the only factor to consider during a ride - distance and elevation gain (especially in Rockland County) play large roles.  Each ride has a planned pace and a planned elevation gain. More elevation means more work, just as more mileage or more speed means more work.  Ride Leaders try and post (and maintain) the advertised pace for the scheduled route.

Rides also indicate how frequent regroupings are and the 'drop policy' from No-Drop (we'll wait for you if you fall behind, then slow down) to 'See 'ya later'.  99.9% of all RBC rides are no-Drop.

It should be noted that each Ride Leader is different and has thier own style. Once you ride a few rides with the same Leader, you'll get to know her/his style and know what to expect.  Try a couple of different Leaders and you'll probably feel an affinity toward one or two.

If you have any questions about rides, you can email the Ride Leader through the sign-up process or, for gneral questions email

Most of all, Have Fun & Keep the Rubber Side Down!

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