RBC to Restart Rides With New Rules

By Mike Hays on 5/29/20

RBC Club Ride Covid-19 Safety Procedures 
RBC rides are open again on a limited basis with a new set of guidelines to keep everyone safe while riding together. These guidelines are temporary and will change as circumstances dictate. We appreciate in advance that all club riders be mindful of these rules, of the safety of each other, and of those who are walking and sharing our roadways.  
Ride leader may have further requirements as stated in their ride post or at the beginning of each ride. Riders are to adhere to any ride leader's instructions before or during rides related to group safety. 
  • If you feel ill or have a fever, please do not join the group.
  • Ride leaders will set a size limit for each ride, not to exceed 10 as per current NYS guidance of groups of 10 or less. Smaller groups, where possible, are recommended.
  • will be limited to approximately 5 or somewhat larger if rides have a co-leader. Ride leaders will state the number of riders in advance.
  • All group riders must be club members and must pre-register online. If there is a size limit and too many enroll, those signing in as "definitely riding" will be given preference. 
  • Social distance is to be maintained at all times including start and end points, at rest breaks, and at stop signs. During riding we recommend maintaining a distance of 8-10 feet from the rider in front of you.
  • Each rider must bring a face mask. Masks are recommended any time social distance cannot be maintained and when cycling though villages, bike paths. In certain case, ride leaders may stop a group and ask that masks be put on. 
Let's be responsible cyclists at all times. 
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