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Upcoming Events

  • Ride Leader & Prospective Ride Leader Training & HH
    Wednesday, May 25

    Ride Leaders are the backbone of The Rockland Bicycling Club.  Current and prospective Ride Leaders, please join us as we kick-off the season with an informative & strongly recommended session on Ride Leadership with The Rockland Bicycling Club.

    This training is for existing and prospective Ride Leaders will cover the following:

    Before the Ride

    • Ride Leader Expectations & Responsibilities
    • Route selection & creation
    • Start from scratch
    • Copying/pasting from Club or personal RWGPS, Strava, other 3td parties
    • Cue Sheet Library
    • Ride Categories
    How to post a ride on the website
    • Start from scratch or clone a previous ride
    • Start Locations

    During the Ride

    • Pre-ride checklist
    • Tips to make the ride smooth and successful
    • Handling the unexpected

    After the ride

    • How to close a ride on the website
    • Crash reports

    After the session, we'll be having a "Ride Leader Appreciation Happy Hour" with pizza, beer, soda & wine. 


    Please RSVP so we can get a solid count!

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