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2020 Ride 'Round Rockland Century -- Sat Oct 3

Ready to wrap up this crazy year with a longer ride up and down the hills of Rockland County? The Rockland Bicycling Club invites you to join the 2020 Ride 'Round Rockland – in a safely distanced, COVID conscious way -- on Sat Oct 3, 2020. 

The 40 mile, 65 mile and 100 mile routes will start and end at Rockland Lake State Park. The $25 non-member cost includes a one year membership in the RBC (the ride is free to all current members). THERE WILL BE NO ONSITE REGISTRATION, so please sign up before Wed Sept 30. The 2020 Ride Round Rockland (RRR) will be limited to the first 75 registrants.

Click here to join the Rockland Bicycling Club for $25 to Ride 'Round Rockland. Current members can log in and go directly to the Ride Schedule page and sign up for either the 40 mile, 65 mile and 100 mile routes on Oct 3.

  • Although there will be a ride marshall assigned to each group, the RRR is a "show and go" event; you can ride with the group or ride on your own.
  • Some route specifics:

100 miles (8137 ft. of climbing): Recommended start time is 7:00a.
65 miles (3553 ft. of climbing): Recommended start time is 7:30a.
40 miles (2000 ft. of climbing): Recommended start time is 8:00a.

  • There will be a rest area for all three routes at the Orchards of Concklin in Pomona where drinks and cyclist's snacks will be available.
  • There's an $8 charge for parking at Rockland Lake if you arrive after 8:00a.

To be good to the environment, we are encouraging everyone to use digital navigation. There will be no printed cue sheet provided at the start point. Once you have signed up for the ride, you will be able to download a gpx file to use with Garmin, Wahoo, Ride with GPS, etc. If you don't have a digital device that can display turn by turn directions, we recommend "buddying up" with someone who has a bike computer or smartphone that supports that feature.

COVID-19 Precautions

Remember to bring a facemask and wear it when you are in places where you can't maintain social distancing. Please ride in groups of 10 persons or less. No drafting during a pandemic! Do not participate if you are not feeling well, have had any symptoms of COVID or have tested positive for COVID in the past 14 days, or have had close contact with someone who has had any symptoms or tested positive for the coronavirus.

What do I need to bring?

  • Helmet
  • Photo ID
  • Extra tube, tools, and pump
  • Water bottle or hydration pack
  • Face covering for use when you are in places where you can't maintain social distancing

SAG support will be provided for this ride.

Are the roads closed to traffic?

The roads are open to traffic. Cyclists must obey all traffic laws while on this ride. We recommend participants buddy-up for this self-paced ride. Please ride single file, as several of the communities through which we will be riding have laws that ban riding two abreast. It is essential that each rider checks and decides when it is safe to turn at intersections.

Weather or not...

The Ride 'Round Rockland is a "rain or shine" event. In the event of extreme weather, we will keep you updated on the status of the ride on our website.

Thanks to the Rockland County Dept of Economic Development and Tourism for their support of the 2020 Ride 'Round Rockland.

Questions? Please email RocklandBike@GMail.com.

RBC COVID Ride Rules

By Mike Hays on 5/29/20

RBC Club Ride Covid-19 Safety Procedures 
RBC rides are open again on a limited basis with a new set of guidelines to keep everyone safe while riding together. These guidelines are temporary and will change as circumstances dictate. We appreciate in advance that all club riders be mindful of these rules, of the safety of each other, and of those who are walking and sharing our roadways.  
Ride leader may have further requirements as stated in their ride post or at the beginning (RBC COVID Ride Rules continues ...)

Let's ride together! And work together to make cycling safer.

Rockland Bicycling Club hosts rides during the cycling season and monthly membership meetings throughout the year. 

RBC is a not-for-profit, volunteer-based organization dedicated to promoting cycling and bicycle advocacy in and around Rockland County, New York. We think that riding bikes is good for people, good for communities and good for the environment.

If you are having problems logging in or navigating this website, please contact us at rocklandbike@gmail.com

RBC Advocates for eBikes
Without Borders in New York

A bill before the legislature in New York State would give a green light to eBikes in NYC but effectively pull the plug on their rollout anywhere else in the Empire State. S. 5294-A, which includes language that would allow municipalities to ban eBikes.

The Rockland Bicycling Club is opposed to any legislation that lets counties, towns, or villages ban eBikes. As it is currently written, these rules will effectively limit eBikes' usage as a green and healthy transportation alternative. Having a patchwork system of rules for each locality in a county, with some of them outlawing e-bikes completely, is unworkable, and likely unenforceable, too.

Last year's bill allowed municipalities to ban e-scooters. This year's amended legislation expands that ban to eBikes. Although it might be convenient for Albany to lump both scooters and eBikes together, they are different. eBikes have a longer range (up to 50 miles on a charge) than scooters. Pedal assisted bicycles, which can make the make Rockland's formidable hills melt away, can encourage people to leave their cars at home and embrace green commuting.

Confronting climate change will require changing behaviors. Half of Rockland's greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation sector. Why would we want to create roadblocks for our residents who want to pedal to a healthier future?

Here's a link to a letter the RBC sent to the transportation committee chairs of the NYS Assembly and Senate on this issue.

eBikes. Can nothing be free of Albany politics?

By Edward Busk on 1/30/20 updated 1/31/20

We are delighted to see New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has proposed bringing eBike state law into line with federal law, but there are some curious complexities he's added to this legislation.

imageBut first: why would anyone want an eBike? Rather than an ordinary bicycle?

Cycling in hot or hilly areas can be very challenging. A short trip to the shops and back if you live at the top or bottom of a steep hill is miserable. With hills and heat any kind of injury or strain, or lack of fitness, excludes cycling (eBikes. Can nothing be free of Albany politics? continues ...)
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