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Flights & Pints Supports RBC
Flights & Pints Supports RBC

  • Saturday, December 9, 2023
    • 8:30A
      Haverstraw to Upper Saddle River
      Stephen Brehl

      They're promising a balmy Saturday, so let's ride! This is a pleasant ride, visiting a few areas in NJ we don't often see on club rides.

      There aren't killer climbs on this route. The total elevation averages a little under 60 feet per mile, so it is somewhat hilly. We will work to keep everyone together. We're not hunting PR's - just some winter miles. The plan is to get some enjoyable miles together at a fun pace.

      Average speed: About 16 mph overall average, 17-22 on the flats.

      Total distance: 48.5. If your training plan calls for fifty, just ride around Rockland Lake when we pass it.


      Ride coordinator - Steve Brehl
      Contact information - 845-304-9918

    • 9A
      Saturday Spin - New City to Westwood
      Steve Crowell

      Just easy miles to keep us outside and build slo-twitch fibers. We can stop along the way for a coffee or not.

      All The Rules apply - rain atthe start cancels, well-tuned machines only, carry food, water & spares.


  • Sunday, December 10, 2023
    • 9A
      Sunday Club Ride - Vintage Version
      Steve Crowell
      No Rockland route is completely flat, but this one avoids the epic climbs. Starting in New City, we take Strawtown/Sickletown Roads to Pearl River. Over to Rivervale Road and Old Tappan Road in NJ, and Western Highway back to West Nyack. Old Mill to Valley Cottage. Rockland Lake via Lake Road and then back to New City.

      We'll regroup at a couple of easily missed turns and at the top of the one significant climb.
      The ride starts at David's Bagels in New City. The store is located at 64 North Main Street, next to Shoprite. If you drive to the ride there's plenty of parking. Please be considerate and leave the prime spaces in front of the stores open.

      With a bit of luck, we can meet the other group(s) back at David's for a apres-ride coffee.

      Average speed: 14.5 mph overall average, 16-19 on the flats.

      Total distance: about 38 miles with an option for 10 fewer miles.

      Rain at the start will cancel the ride. If it rains later we'll get wet taking a shortcut home.

      All The Rulesapply (LOL) but rain at the start cancels, well-tuned machines only, carry food, water & spares.


  • Wednesday, December 13, 2023
  • Friday, March 1, 2024
    • 5P
      RBC Throwdown: Diane & Steve - Grudge Match! ;P
      Seth Wiley

      This here's an alley cat RBC throwdown between our own Diane Harper (Beaker) and Steve Crowell (Clapton).

      They were both talking some serious smack one night when we were doing the Giro d'Adriatico, so I told them to settle it the way us bikers aughta settle everything - on the race course!

      So this is the race course...or rather - this is a place holder for what will be the race course which I've yet to design...and a start/finish line yet to be determined! ;)

      The course will have equal parts climbing, descending, and flats to try to make it an even challenge.

      And it'll technically just be a club "ride" so anyone can join. (Yes, you too can test your metal against other brave pedal mashers!)

      But don't let that fool you, it'll really be a battle royal to the death!

      I'll be looking to rent a karaoke machine so I can do some ridiculous MCing, have some tasty beverages on hand so we don't get dehydrated(!!), and develop some amazingly stupid trophy/t-shirt for the winner.

      And the winner will of course be completely unofficially christen, by me (Mr.Nobody), as the one, the only, the Big Ring King!

      So, sign up, get thirsty, put your game face on, come prepared for some brainless bike shenanigans, and choose the horse you're bettin on!

  • Sunday, May 5, 2024
    *Unaffiliated Rides: Rides that appear on the RBC ride calendar and show 'No Leader' are presented by other, unrelated organizations. These rides are posted for informational purposes only, as a courtesy to Rockland Bicycling Club members and others who may be interested. They are NOT official or sanctioned RBC rides.
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