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  • Saturday, February 24, 2024
    • 10a
      Saturday Club Ride & MEGA Training
      Steve Crowell
      Come out for a leisurely Saturday Club Ride. Since Rob's presentation this week, I thought this would be a good start to MEGA training (depending on weather).
      My goal is to turn this into a MC by adding a loop after we get back to New City. Becasue of this I don't plan on racing! Lots of food, hot cocoa and easy spinning! If it'ds too cold or poor weather, we'll just keep it as-is.
      No Rockland route is completely flat, but this one avoids the epic climbs. Starting in New City, we take Strawtown/Sickletown Roads to Pearl River. Over to Rivervale Road and Old Tappan Road in NJ, and Western Highway back to West Nyack. Old Mill to Valley Cottage. Rockland Lake via Lake Road and then back to New City.

      We'll regroup at a couple of easily missed turns and at the top of the one significant climb.
      The ride starts at David's Bagels in New City. The store is located at 64 North Main Street, next to Shoprite. If you drive to the ride there's plenty of parking. Please be considerate and leave the prime spaces in front of the stores open.

      Average speed: 15 mph overall average, 16-20 on the flats.

      Total distance: about 38 miles with an option for 10 fewer miles or more miles as people want.

      Rain at the start will cancel the ride. If it rains later we'll get wet taking a shortcut home.

  • Sunday, February 25, 2024
    • 7p
      Ride Leader meet up
      Seth Wiley

      Alright Ride Leaders. I emailed you folks a couple weeks ago and got a bunch of responses. So I'm making it real...

      Like I said in the email...this'll give us a chance to share some ideas (and beers!) and figure out how we can support each other's efforts and just have fun being bike addicts lol!

      As far as me, I'm working on scheduling Everesting into my first half the year.

      What are you cookin up? How can the Club help?

      As far as venue, I've chosen one of our sponsors - Flights and Pints ;)

      And I'm figuring an hour or so like 7-8pm. Nothing too long. Nothing formal. Just a chance to get together, chat, share ideas.

      Ok. Hope to see you there.

      Ps: I'll aim for another one of these in the Fall in the same hopes of supporting whatever plans you might have for the year.


    • 8a
      Earl season miles!
      Seth Wiley

      Let's get in some early season miles and dust off our climbing legs.

      This is a great loop. It's got 3 solid climbs, plenty of flats, and nice country roads.

      Figure we'll stop around mile 25 for some liquids / snacks as needed.

      And fyi, as I build up my fitness, I'm planning to do a double of this route - probably in like April.

      Dean's is a good place to get an espresso and a dessert pre / post ride.

  • Friday, March 1, 2024
    • 5p
      RBC Non-Throwdown: Diane & Steve - Non-Grudge Match! ;P (OPEN TO ALL)
      Seth Wiley

      Ok. So, the Grudge Match has officially been cancelled and Diane Harper is now dubbed Big Ring Queen by way of Steve Crowell's submission!!

      Daaang. Yes. Daang. A crushing victory for the queen of the hills herself.

      So, let's turn this info a simple, fun Friday evening group ride.

      (Be forewarned: I may accidentally bring beers and chips in my car which could be used for proper post-ride celebration of the Big Ring Queen)

      Rock forth, Riders! Rock forth.

      Ps: I'll post a ride route soon!

  • Wednesday, March 13, 2024
    • 6p
      2023 Ride Across America Recap - Presented by RBC's David Booth
      Steve Crowell

      Come join RBC's very own David Booth as he recounts his 2023 ride across America.

      • Introduction
      • What was I thinking? Why did I want to cross the country on a bike anyway?
      • Who was I riding with and what were they riding? How did we fit together?
      • Our route by sections
      • California hills
      • High deserts of Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas (who knew so much nothing could be so beautiful?)
      • Texas Hill Country
      • Gulf States and the Florida Panhandle
      • Movie - 20 minutes long. Come with me across our country. We'll turn up the volume for the "Let's Ride" section.
      • Epilogue - What I liked and what I didn't. What it meant to me.
      • Q and A

      Follow the link below to register for the event atthe Tappan Library so they know how many will attend.


      Come learn a bit about riding across America!

  • Saturday, March 16, 2024
    • 7a
      Philly Bike Expo & Valley Forge Ride
      Seth Wiley

      March 16-17 is the Philly Bike Show.

      So the idea is to drive down, check out the Show for a couple hours, grab some lunch, take a ride along the Schuylkill River rails to trails out to Valley Forge and back, and drive home.

      So it'll probably be an all day thing. And carpooling would be a good idea.

      It's been years since I've ridden in Philly but I used to do the Valley Forge ride like once a month. It's nice - flat, no cars, with stops through points to get drink / food if needed.

      I'll post route soon!

  • Saturday, April 6, 2024
    • 8a
      Seth Wiley

      Ok. 3rd times a charm right?!

      First time I scheduled this, work for in the way.

      Second time, park cops kicked us off Perkins because it was closed!

      So, here's the third attempt - scheduled for the 1st Saturday Perkins is officially open for the year!

      As before (and ever), all are welcome. Ride 1, 3, 6, or all the ascents. Whatever works for you! We'll be going up and down 1 hill, so we can cheer each other and all even if we ride at different paces.

      Whatever works. It's all good. It's cycling dammit! :)

  • Sunday, May 5, 2024
  • Saturday, May 18, 2024
    • 8a
      NYC Bike Jumble
      Seth Wiley

      Wanna go to a bike swap meet and flea market?

      This is the annual bike jumble in Park Slope Brooklyn:


      We could ride down, check out the action, get some lunch, and ride back.

      For those not wanting to do the Bloomin Metric, this is an option.

      Or for those who are in die hard season shape, do this and then the Bloomin the next day!

      I'll post a route link at some point before the date.

      Rock forth

  • Sunday, May 19, 2024
  • Saturday, June 22, 2024
    • 6a
      What's Going Down In Kingston? (Summer Solstice Going Mega!)
      Robert Panzera

      We Are Going MEGA For The (Almost) Summer Solstice

      Let's ride from Nyack to the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge, and then back. 160 miles of fun in the sun. If you are reading this ride description, start training now!

      Early start, but hey, this is an all day adventure type of thing, Goonies-style.

      This is slated for a 6am start, so we can complete the ride in the daylight. For the ride date of 6/22/2024:
      Twilight = 4:50 am
      Sunrise = 5:23 am
      Sunset = 8:31 pm
      Twilight = 9:05 pm
      Total daylight hours = 15:08

      Route Description
      We'll pedal up the west side of the Hudson avoiding Route 9W as much as possible once we leave Rockland County, but sticking close to the river. Rolling through west shore towns of Cornwall, Newburgh, Marlboro, Milton, and Kingston. Then over the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge and down the east shore avoiding Route 9 as much as possible. Rolling through the towns of Rhinebeck, Poughkeepsie, Wappingers Falls, Beacon, Cold Spring, Peekskill, Crotonville, Ossining, and Tarrytown. Then back over the Hudson on the Shared Use Path. Wow! What an adventure, huh?!

      Some Wiki history of the George Clinton Kingston–Rhinecliff Bridge: a continuous under-deck truss toll bridge that carries NY 199 across the Hudson River. It was opened to traffic on February 2, 1957, as a two-lane (one in each direction) bridge, although it was not actually complete. The formal opening was May 11, 1957. The original cost was $17.5 million. In late 2019, a pedestrian path was added to the bridge. It is 4 feet wide, separated from traffic by a 3-foot-high barrier. The path is part of the Empire State Trail project. The path is on the south side of the bridge, next to eastbound traffic. It is for pedestrians only; bicyclists on the span will continue to be required to use the shoulders of the road.

      Pace & Regroups
      This ride is listed as B pace, but we'll ere on the lower end of 15mph, because it's 150 miles. Yowsa! Regroups are listed as "Occasional", but we'll ride as a pack on flat and rolling terrain to maximize drafting and chances of surviving the distance, slowing to regroup over larger hills. I have not yet but will add rest stops to the online route (convenience stores, gas stations) and likely a lunch stop (deli). The lunch stop will be short and sweet, under 30 min, so the rubber on our tires doesn't go cold (although the tarmac will likely be melting on this June day). Come prepared to ride with abbreviated stops, so we don't get trapped riding in the dark on the tail end.

      Pep Talk
      160 miles are equal to A0 miles in hexdecimal. It's true look it up. I mean, common on, you can ride A0 miles, can't you?
      While you need to come to this ride correct, we will surely have an esprit de corps to help us all through the fun times, the crazy times, and the bad times. We will all go through lots of physical, mental, and emotional cycles, but we'll do this together. A rising tide lifts all boats, or rolling rubber propels all bikes, or something like that. Think of this ride as the good old days from your childhood, when you'd leave your house in the morning to hang out with the local kids and then spend the entire day outside getting into adventures until the sun went down. On the flip side, if your childhood was bad (sorry to hear about that), don't think about that and just focus on how good you have it now being a member of the best bike club in the known universe, the Rockland Bicycling Club.

      Only Want To Ride Partway? We Have A Solution!
      Maybe you only want to ride one way? Have a loved one meet you for lunch in the country somewhere along the route. You bike there and hitch a lift home. You'll need to find a pretty sweet lunch spot though and really talk it up!
      Maybe you want to make a loop, but not go so far north to foreign lands? Plenty of other bridges to cut across to the return part of the route. Maybe the Bear Mountain, which would keep you under 50 miles; maybe Newburgh-Beacon, which would keep you under 90 miles; maybe Walkway Over The Hudson, which would keep you under 120 miles. These are all awesome rides with epic distances too!

      It's gonna be beautiful. And you are gonna be a part of that beauty.

  • Saturday, September 7, 2024
    *Unaffiliated Rides: Rides that appear on the RBC ride calendar and show 'No Leader' are presented by other, unrelated organizations. These rides are posted for informational purposes only, as a courtesy to Rockland Bicycling Club members and others who may be interested. They are NOT official or sanctioned RBC rides.
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