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How to protect yourself from under insured motorists
By Chris Patsos on 6/22/21

Do you have enough SUM insurance? 

$25,000 for a shattered leg with permanent scarring after being struck by a hit and run vehicle?  This is what happens when you don't have adequate Supplemental Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist or SUM/UM coverage.  Do you or someone in your household own a car?  Do you have enough SUM/UM insurance coverage?  Have you even heard of SUM or UM insurance coverage?  Most likely you have not; well, read on! 

Too many times I have had the experience of having a client who was badly injured in a motor vehicle

(EVERYONE NEEDS (enough) SUM continues ...)

By Steve Crowell on 3/27/21 updated 3/31/21

Keeping Your Drivetrain Clean and Healthy

There is no more active part of your bicycle than your drivetrain. It takes all the power you can give and translates it into forward motion all while suffering in the most extreme conditions: Wet, dry, cold, hot, sandy, greasy – you get the picture. What can you do to keep your drivetrain healthy and clean so it can keep you moving smoothly?

Most people don't give the drivetrain much thought, they slop some oil on it now and again and away they go but is that

(Keeping Your Drivetrain Clean and Healthy continues ...)

By Ed Molina, Ride Captain on 2/20/21 updated 4/21/21

More Rides, More Leaders

After a challenging year, where we had to make COVID-19-sensitive adjustments to our ride schedule, we are hopeful to get back to a normal ride schedule (or at least closer to one). This year, we have some exciting plans including a weekly club ride starting at the same time and location. This ride will have multiple routes and pace options with the goal of starting and ending together and an optional post-ride social at a local eatery. We also plan to feature two new series:

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By Rob Panzera on 2/21/21 updated 2/28/21

Three Fun 2021 Events From The RBC

Coming up this season are The RBC PrimaveraRBC Invitational, and the well-known and well-attended Ride 'Round Rockland. The RBC Primavera will be held in late April or early May (date TBD) as a launch to the club's riding season. We'll host an A, B, and C ride with distances of 20 to 50 miles inviting all club members to start and finish at the same location, with a catered sit-down lunch afterwards. It'll be a great way to meet other club members and start off

(Three Fun 2021 Events From The RBC continues ...)

By Steve Crowell on 2/27/21 updated 3/05/21

Get Social With RBC

Our club has many riders across the county, which means there are a ton of routes, rides, ideas, and stories out there. Why not share them with the rest of us? If you have pictures, stories, fun facts, or really anything about cycling, please post them to our social media pages: NEW Facebook page This is our virtual cafe stop where we can share photos, chat, and discuss our epic rides, gear selection, or anything else about cycling. Feel free to add a post or simply add #RocklandBicyclingClub

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