Day 6 - Trieste - Koper

18.9 mi, 983 ft elevation gain (52 ft/mi)

Day Five:  An easy riding day so that we can make plans to explore more of  the Italian city of Trieste before heading south to enjoy gorgeous views of the Gulf of Trieste, and perhaps stopping along the way to enjoy some sun, sand and surf before crossing the Italy-Slovenia boarder at Mile 13 and landing in Koper.


Things to do in Trieste:

Located right at the border with Slovenia, Trieste is one of the most interesting cities to visit in Italy. For centuries the place was at the crossroads, under different rules and influences that created a peculiar cosmopolitan city and a unique vibe.


Trieste is known for the unique cafe culture that is a bit different than in the rest of Italy

The main square of Trieste, Piazza Unità d'Italia, is also where you will find the most spectacular architecture in the city, including Prefecture of Trieste, Piazza Unità d'Italia, Trieste is Canal Grande,  and Trieste is Castello di San Giusto which was the first fortified settlement here, built already in ancient Roman times.

Museo Revoltella which holds a collection of modern art and is located in the beautiful palace from 1858.

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