Day 5: Udine to Trieste

55.2 mi, 2,175 ft elevation gain (39 ft/mi)

Today we travel through more historic towns of San Giovanni al Natisone near the Azienda Agricola Livon Winery and Vineyard (mile 14), the Castello di Spressa Golf Wine Resort  (mile 20), Villa Atems Cernozza di Pastcastro estate home of 15th century noble family of Gorizia (mile 24), and Gorizia, which is the capital of the former Province of Gorizia and is a local center of tourism, industry, and commerce that is less than a mile from the Italy-Slovenia boarder with views of Pristava.


We then head south at mile 28 along the Italy-Croatia boarder to the Gulf of Trieste which connects to the Adriatic Sea (mile 42) where we have gorgeous water views all the way to Trieste.


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