Day 1 - Treviso to Montebelluna


26.6 miles; 1,090 ft elevation gain (41ft/mi)

Day One will be an easy spin of the legs to shake off jet lag and get adjusted to oour new surroundings. We'll likely leave a little later than normal as we make sure all our bikes are together and working properly.  

Treviso is the home of Cicli Pinnerello, where we'll plan on taking a stop to see if Fausto wants to be a RBC sponsor (Yes!  I'm serious!!).


Pinerello HQ

From there we'll head north and east toward our destination of Montebelluna. Montebelluna is known for its tanning industry from midieval times. Today, the city is one of the largest manufacturers of sports footwear in the world. In 1989 it manufactured almost 80% of all ski-boots! (Not surprising considering it's proximity to great skiing but those boots are mostly made in China now...) 


  • Ciclli Pinnerello


Hotel Reccomendation: Suggestion coming soon....

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